Groups and Classes

All domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in the community are encouraged to call and register for these free groups and classes. Childcare is provided. Group times and availabilities vary, please call the shelter to register.

Open Versus Closed

Open Group  Open groups allow new members to be added at any time.

Closed Group  Closed groups start with a set number of members and no new members are admitted.

 Open Group  ACCESS

Advancing Career Counseling and Employment Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence. This group considers the impact of women's violence experiences and addresses survivors' specific vocational needs.


Open Group  Breaking Free

This is a guided discussion group where women can share their wisdom and hope at any stage in their recovery from the impact of abuse. This group provides an opportunity to build support from peers and to promote self-awareness, healing and self-esteem.


Open Group  Kid's Group

This ongoing group is open to children ages 6-16 years who have been affected by domestic violence. Children are provided a safe place to have fun and express their feelings.


Open Group  Nurturing Parent

Focuses on alternatives to spanking, positive ways for parents to deal with stress, anger and shows them the importance of praising children.


Closed Group  Trauma and Healing

This program is a support group for survivors of domestic violence of sexual abuse. The goals are to increase self-care and calming techniques, to increase the understanding of the effects of trauma, to learn to establish and set boundaries, to increase knowledge of healthy relationships, and to provide opportunities for self-awareness. This is a closed group that meets weekly at the shelter. It is open to any woman over 18 who have been affected by the trauma of domestic violence or sexual assault.